Overlooking the lake

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The beginning of April sees our members back at the lake to try for the new season trout.

Fish are stocked fortnightly during April, May and June and then we do not stock until September and October.

You can fish for the residents during the summer but after discussion it was felt it was more productive to miss high summer stocking.

The fish are Rainbows from the River Gwash Trout Farm, near Stamford, and are stocked at an average of 2lbs with some fish to 6 lb and a few larger specimens. The details of each stocking is posted in the lodge for members to see.

The fish are feisty fighters and will provide great sport for discerning anglers.

These are a few of the fly’s recommended for use at Roxton Park:

Grey/Brown Buzzer

Black Buzzer

Carpet Nymph

Damsel Nymph

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Mayfly Nymph

Grey Wulff

GRHE Nymph


Damsel with a Gold Head

Dry Daddy Longlegs

G & H Sedge

Yellow Dancer


Cat’s Whisker with Gold Head

Diawl Bach


A Vaughan - a new member - almost thereCasting a good lineSuccessReleasing trout into the lakeA good catch for ThomTrout in the netAndy Robinson fishing at sunsetGood catch!In the bagTrout fish being deliveredDelivery of trout fishRainbow and Brown Trout