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1. Each rod will be permitted to fish on three unspecified days per week excluding Tuesday.

2. Fishing from 1st April 2019 to 31st October 2019

3. A total of six fish may be caught per day, with a maximum of three being killed. A maximum of six fish per week may be killed. (Week to run from Sunday to Saturday).

4. All fish caught must be recorded on the cards provided in the Fishing Lodge on the day of capture, including any nil returns.

5. Stocking dates will be posted in the Fishing Lodge or can be obtained from the office by phone or email.

6. No fly to be used on a hook size larger than size 6 normal shank or 8 long shank.

7. No spinning allowed.                                                                                                             

8. Any rod may be accompanied by a guest who may fish free of charge, providing that only one rod is being used at any one time. The bag limit will be the same as if the member were fishing alone (see rule 3).

9. Fishing times 6 a.m. until the time shown on the clock in the car park. From 1st June to 31st July fishing may start at 5 a.m.

10. Members are welcome to bring well behaved dogs with them to the fishery. It is the responsibility of the owner to clear up any mess and ensure that no disruption whatsoever is caused to other anglers.

11. The proprietors reserve the right not to reallocate a members rod for the coming season.

12. An Environment Agency rod licence is required and can be purchased from post offices or from the Environment Agency online.

13. No responsibility is taken for any disaster, which may happen to the lakes or the trout, via flood, drought, disease etc; whereby fishing is rendered impossible.


14. Before fishing at Roxton Park Trout Fishery each member must read and agree to the current Risk Assessment Statement in writing, or by e-mail.

15. Members are responsible for making their guests fully aware of the Risk Assessment Statement.

16. All rods and their guests fishing at Roxton Park Trout Fishery do so entirely at their own risk and the owners take no responsibility for any damage, accident or injury of whatsoever kind or nature which may result, or for loss of or damage to their property.

17. At any time during the season the fishery management may insist that a member can only fish when accompanied by another adult, if they consider that the member may pose an unacceptable risk to their own wellbeing, if fishing alone.

18. The fishery policy is for a buoyancy aid to be worn at all times whilst in the boats (See Risk Assessment Statement posted in the lodge for details). Should you forget yours you may use one from the fishing lodge.


19. No wading.

20. Float tubing is not allowed.


21. It is recommended that barbs are squeezed down or that barbless hooks are used.

22. Fish should only be released if they can be easily unhooked and released unharmed, ideally without removing them from the water.

23. To practice catch and release at least one fish of your limit to be killed must remain to be caught, to cover the eventuality where a fish cannot be successfully released.


24. When fishing on a catch and release basis, please show consideration to other members who may be having limited success fishing less productive areas of the lake.


25. Guest day tickets enabling both rod and their guest(s) to fish at the same time may be purchased at £30.00 per guest inclusive of VAT. Guest day tickets will have their own bag limit (see rule 3).


26. Each member will be provided with a key, which fits the Entrance Gate and Fishing Lodge. If a key is lost a replacement can be obtained from the office.

27. A car park is provided adjacent to the lodge. Cars must not be driven around the lake unless there is a specific need and permission has been granted in advance by the fishery management.


28. The last person to leave the Fishery at any time of the day is responsible for locking the door of the lodge and the entrance gate as a precaution against theft and vandalism. The shutters on the lodge should also be secured if open.


25. Boats are available on a “first come first served” basis. The general principal regarding boats is that a member and his guest(s) should not occupy more than one boat, unless others are free and no one is waiting to use them. In all circumstances common courtesy should prevail.

26. Please maintain a reasonable distance from other boats and in particular from bank anglers.

27.  No leader material or dead coarse fish to be left in the boats.

28. Please leave the boats in the condition you would expect to find them.

Rules Roxton Park Trout Fishery